Publications & Posters


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Conference Posters

Dybing, S. N., Melgar, D., Thomas, A. M., Hodgkinson, K., Mencin, D., (2021). Poster: Training a convolutional neural network to identify earthquake onset in real-time GNSS data, Seismological Society of America 2021 Annual Meeting. view poster

Dybing, S. N., Melgar, D., Barbour, A. J., Goldberg, D. E., (2020). How soon can you tell that a big earthquake is big? Investigating determinism using borehole strain, Seismology Student Workshop 2020. Cancelled due to COVID-19.

Dybing, S. N., Ringler, A. T., Wilson, D. C., and Anthony, R. E., (2018). Characteristics and spatial variability of wind noise on near-surface broadband seismometers, American Geophysical Union 2018 Fall Meeting and 2018 Midstates Undergraduate Research Symposium. view poster

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Simon, J. C., Dybing, S. N., Cunitz, B. W., Sapozhnikov, O. A., and Bailey, M. R., (2015). Twinkling in space: kidney stone detection with ultrasound, NASA’s Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop. view poster